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Foreign and private Banks: Law & Equity is one of the few law firms those who have developed its expertise in banking law practice. All the associates of the firms have developed their legal mind in such a way so that they can coup up with the legal problems in banking area as well as can work with the bankers in a most congenial atmosphere. The firm has got experience to work National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited, Mutual Trust Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce Bank Limited, The Premier Bank Limited, Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, Dutch- Bangla Bank Limited, Social Investment Bank Limited, Dhaka Bank Limited, Eastern Bank Limited, Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited, Union Bank Limited. The firm has got experience to work also with Pioneer Insurance. Mr. Ahmed has developed his expertise in banking practice. As a Panel Lawyer, Mr. Ahmed has acquired knowledge about the national and international banking machinery concerning Banking documentation, Letter of Credit, Bridge Financing etc. of U.S.A.: is a joint venture company. LAW & EQUITY has been providing with legal support to this company from its very incorporation to till date. The associates of the firm acquired reasonable knowledge regarding the incorporation of joint venture Company which includes registration in Board of Investment, Registration of RJSC, tax holiday, import and export license, obtaining permission from various government authority.

Leasing Company: Law & Equity has got reasonable length of practice in the field of laws relating to lease finance and hire purchase including consumer credit. The firm has developed its expertise in drafting security documentations, which is prime important for a leasing company to secure its interest. At present Law & Equity is working with Industrial Development Leasing Company of Bangladesh Ltd.(IDLC) and United Leasing Company.

Qatar Airways is a renowned International Airlines Company, deals with Airlines related Job, which head office is situated in Doha, Qatar. Law & Equity is a sole legal adviser in Bangladesh, we are dealing with their all legal matters including passenger care disputes and other legal advises.

Singapore Airlines is an eminent airlines company. They have been successfully dealing with all of their airlines related responsibilities. Furthermore, their head office is situated in Singapore. Law & Equity is a legal adviser in Bangladesh, that efficiently deal with Singapore airlines legal issues including passenger care disputes & all other legal advises.

U.S.C. Canada is a non-governmental organization (N.G.O.). LAW & EQUITY comprising expertise having reasonable length of knowledge dealing with matters relating to N.G.O.
New Zealand Milk Products Bangladesh Limited: New Zealand Milk Products Bangladesh Limited is a subsidiary company of New Zealand Milk, New Zealand (which is a part of Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited). New Zealand Milk has got worldwide reputation for manufacturing and marketing milk and milk products.
Nilkamal Padma Plastics (Private) Limited: This company is originated from India and has been doing business in Bangladesh for quite a long time manufacturing plastics furniture. Since inception of this company, Law & Equity has been providing legal support especially in the field of trademark, design and patent laws.
Cavinkare Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. is a India based Company which deals with Marketing of cosmetics products in Bangladesh. We give them our legal assistance in respect of drafting Business Agreement, and other business related legal job.

Brightstar Logistics  PTE Ltd. is a USA based International Mobile Distributing Company having its Corporate Office at Singapore. It has been carrying out its business of importing and distributing mobile sets among the local subscribers in different countries. Law & Equity is providing it both the legal and para-legal assistance in respect of Contract, drafting Business Agreement, and other business related legal job.

Arbitration: During the last quarter of the twentieth century, the term “Arbitration” has gained worldwide acceptance in the international commercial dispute. Law & Equity has got a good length of Arbitration practice. The implementation of the new Arbitration Act 2001 in Bangladesh shall encourage the foreign business community to enter into various contracts with Bangladesh counterpart.

Labour Law: Bangladesh being a third world country, every companies, organisations, institutions are encountering labour dispute. The lawyers of the firm have acquired knowledge in Labour Law from their long working experience with various companies, organisations and institutions.